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MIRMA Awards Malden for Grants

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
The City of Malden received a MIRMA Grant Award during it’s city council meeting Monday evening. Jeff Arp, right, presented the award on behalf of MIRMA, to Mayor Denton Kooyman, left, who accepted on behalf of the council and the City of Malden.
Trina Bell, staff

During their regular scheduled meeting Monday night, the Malden City Council’s primary focus was to vote on items discussed during the recent workshop, where they sort out concerns, problems or solutions to items on their agenda prior to voting on them during the regular session.

But prior to getting to those items, Mayor Denton Kooyman welcomed Jeff Arp with MIRMA, who was there to speak to the council and the public in attendance.

Arp introduced himself and gave a brief detailed description of what MIRMA does for the City and how they represent it. “I am also here to present our MIRMA Grant Award to the City of Malden,” Arp said, as he presented the plaque to Mayor Kooyman. “We serve like an insurance company, taking care of the City’s claims and to handle those situations when they arise,” Arp added.

At that time, it’s was down to business for the council. Kooyman advised the board it was time to renew the City’s MIRMA health insurance, which the council voted in favor of doing. The council was also advised they needed to vote on the recommendations for the City’s Life Insurance policy as well, which had previously been ironed out during the workshop session. They voted unanimously in favor of choosing Farm Bureau to cover the City employees life insurance.

Next the council heard from Airport Manager Barb Crayne who had a list of items she recommended for the council’s approval.

First to be discussed was the City’s 2018 season contract with G.C. Brown and Associates, who is in a contract with the City for building and land use at the city’s airport. The board voted in favor to the renew the contract.

Next Crayne asked the council to review her recommendation on leasing approximately 8-acres of land behind Falcon Door to the Board of Public Works, which the council also voted in favor of doing.

Crayne’s next item was in reference to Weaver Popcorn’s request to commit to a 4-month trial basis of using a suggested building at the airport to see if it would properly serve the company for it’s upcoming fumigation operation.

“If the facility will work for them and give them the space they are going to need, after four-months they should know and then the City could enter into a contract with them for the use of the building,” Crayne said. “But I feel we should give them a 4-month trial basis in order to give them the time to get it set up and make sure it’s going to work for them first,” she added. The council agreed and accepted Crayne’s recommendation.

Next Crayne recommended the City consider extending the current lease agreement with Tango Charlie Aviation, from the current one-year, to a five-year lease agreement. “This guy is wonderful and I hope he is with us “the City” for a very long time,” Crayne said. “But because he was so young when the contract was first drawn up, the City wanted to make sure he would commit and want to stay. “But he wants to keep doing the work and we should be honored to have him as the aviation mechanic and extend the contract to five-years now,” she added. The council also agreed in favor and advised it would be willing to go the five-years instead of one.

Crayne advised the board Precision Concrete would lie to continue it’s month-to-month rental of Hangar number 253.

Next was an announcement from City Administrator Ted Bellers who advised the council recently approved a budget of $50,000 toward the installation of driveways to be installed along the east side of Goldsmith Street.

“There are a total of nineteen driveways with structures and lots,” said Bellers. “The bids opened Thursday, the 16th of November and we received one bid, which was from Lappe Cement Finishing, Inc. out of Friedheim, Mo.,” he added.

Bellers informed everyone the bid bid was for an amount of $7.96 per square-foot, with an estimate of 4,050 square-feet. “That comes to a total estimate of $32,238,” Bellers said. “And that is within the City’s budget,” he added. The council voted to accept the proposed bid.

Other items included the passing of two ordinances. They were:

• Ordinance No. 3165 - An ordinance amending the Urban Homestead Program for the City of Malden, Mo. a procedure for the administration of the program and providing for an effective date.

• Ordinance No. 3166 - An ordinance of the City of Malden, Missouri to provide for the execution of a Quit Claim Deed by the City of Malden as Grantor for property owned by the City of Malden in accordance with the provisions of “Urban Homestead Program Contracts” satisfied by the Grantee.

The only council reports were from Councilman Casen Coleman who had a few questions, which he was asked to bring up before his fellow council members.

“First, Chris Owens was asking about getting some dirt hauled in out at Nova-copy and he is also needing to get specs for the road,” Coleman said. “Next, I was just wanting to see how things are coming with the new dog pound and to also see where things stand with the City’s land sales,” Coleman added.

The response in reference to the dog pound was directed to Police Chief Jarrett Bullock who advised the pound is coming together and is expected to be open around the first week in December.

The reply on the City’s land sales came from assistant City Attorney Jonce Chidister, who advised any recommendations on commercial property will be referred to the Department of Economic Development.

To wrap up the meeting, Mayor Kooyman wanted to recognize Mrs. Barbara Crayne, who is retiring from her position as Airport Manager. “We would like to thank you Miss Barb for all of your years of hard work and dedication to the City of Malden,” said Mayor Kooyman. “I know this is your last council meeting to attend so we would like to thank you for your service and wish you the best in your retirement,” he added.

The next Malden City council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 18 at 6 p.m. at the Malden City Hall.

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