Annual Shop With A Cop to be held Friday, Dec. 15

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On Friday, Dec. 15, the City of Malden will host it’s annual Shop With A Cop program. Last year Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Denton Kooyman stepped in and helped Police Chief Jarrett Bullock by calling on area businesses to pitch in and help.

Although there have been some donations made, anyone interested in helping the Shop With A Cop program, can do so by contacting him at the Chamber of Commerce Office, located in the Malden Community Center.

Bullock said he and his guys, who look forward to the Annual Shop With A Cop day because they enjoy getting to see the excitement in the kids’ eyes and it’s also a time for the police to show they were many suits, not just a police uniform. The kids who get to go on the Shop With a Cop christmas shopping day range in age from preschool to sixth grade.

Bullock said he hopes this program can grow and for us to receive the type of response we have come to expect from this great community to where we can take more children.

“Eventually I would like to be able to show all the kids who do well that when you do great things, good things always come back around,” said Chief Bullock. “Our target goal this year is to help a minimum of at least 12-kids,” he added. Bullock said that for his guys and gals, being able to connect with the community and children on this level, just brings the human element back, for everyone involved. “We all need to connect,” Bullock said. “And this is just one of the many great ways we are able to do that,” he added.

Although giving back is always a good thing, people tend to want to do it more around the Christmas Holiday season. If you or your business would like to contribute to the Shop With A Cop program and support a young boy or girl who has been an example to all youth, you can contribute by contacting the local Chamber of Commerce at (573) 276-4519.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can drop off a cash or check donation at the Malden Police Department, with the memo or subject of Shop With A Cop. Donations will be accepted up through the afternoon of Dec. 15.

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