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Talking trash at Malden City Council meeting

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Malden City Council met in regular session Monday night and the main topic seemed to be focussed around the City’s newly adopted policy on removal of empty trash containers from the curbside and streets after pick-up.

To start the meeting Councilwoman Debra Wilkerson was asked by Mayor Denton Kooyman to give the opening prayer. At that time, the meeting was open for any guests speakers but none were present, therefore, the council moved on to new business.

After reading and approving the minutes from last month’s meeting, Mayor Kooyman asked the council to act on the following ordinances.

ORDINANCE No. 3167- An Ordinance of the City of Malden, Missouri to approve the leasing of a tract or real estate located upon the premises of the Malden Regional Airport and owned by the City of Malden to ASUSA Worldwide LLC, also known as Asymmetric Solutions.

ORDINANCE No. 3168- An Ordinance of the City of Malden, Missouri regulating the time for placing and removing Solid Waste Containers from street rights-of-way; providing a penalty for violation, and providing for an effective date.

ORDINANCE No. 3169 - An Ordinance of the City of Malden, Missouri to approve the platting of certain roadways within the city limits in accordance with a survey conducted by Joseph R. Pulliam, MO. P.l.S. 2006016641and further described as Job #P170126, Drawing #6-16417 and consisting of three sheets; to provide for the repeal of conflicting ordinances; and to provide for an effective date.

ORDINANCE No. 3170- An Ordinance of the City of Malden, Missouri to repeal Chapter 155 of the Malden City Code relating to the Economic and Industrial Development Fund and enact a new chapter 155 relating the Economic and Industrial Development Fund.

All ordinances were approved and adopted with the exception of Ordinance No. 3168, which raised questions amongst a few of the council members, who weren’t sure of the exact time frame they had agreed upon during the recent workshop session.

Councilwoman Karen Haley said she thought they had agreed to extend the time for residents to remove their containers from the streets to 48-hours, where others had thought they agreed to 24-hours.

But due to the uncertainty and lack of clarity on ordinances 3168 and 3170, as Councilman Casen Coleman mentioned, before acting on the ordinances, there should be more direct orders to follow on both the City’s policy on removal of the trash containers, as well as, the City’s policy on use of city credit cards.

“I feel the ordinances should be more specific is all,” Coleman said. “They should state how much is allowed for meals or hotel accommodations, etc., therefore everyone knows what their expense limitations are prior to setting out to go to these MIRMA meetings, etc.,” he added.

The board agreed to table the two and further discuss them at the next workshop session.

Before closing, Mayor Kooyman expressed his gratitude towards the efforts put in by former employee Barb Crayne prior to her recent retirement, for the work she and Police Chief Jarrett Bullock put in at the airport.

The next regular meeting for the Malden City Council will be announced at a later date, due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday next month.

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